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Why Social Media Marketing Is Important To Your Business

Social media is now a global trend with almost a billion monthly active users around the world. Brands are grabbing this opportunity to make it big on social media by creating viral content, engaging posts and videos to market their products in various ways. Brands have increased sales rapidly by creating awareness about their products and building a set of loyal customers. Brands which are B2B and B2G are also building the number of engaging audience on their social media pages. So the obvious question is, why some of the major brands are focusing more on building the audience on social media? If you are thinking about sales then you are wrong.

Social Media & Brands

Many brands like Scania, Air Bus etc have a huge number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, however, their sales don't come from Social Media. For example, Air Bus customers are mostly Airline agencies and government but they are focusing on Social Media as well. But why? The answer is simple. Gaining social media audience has become a reputation aspect in today's world. People start judging products or services by the number of likes on the page. Not only that, by an increase in engagement on social media, you can create a huge brand awareness and valuable content will help you get loyal fans. Social Media has also become a bridge between the customer and the company. Many companies are also showing their online reputation before they pitch into other companies. Like Air Bus shows 1.6 million active users every time when they pitch to any airline agencies.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing or SMM is a term used for digital marketing mostly on social media networks in order to achieve marketing communication and branding goals. Social Media Marketing usually involves catchy content, photographs, videos etc as well as paid social media promotions.

Social Media Marketing for You

It may be a small business or big one, social media marketing will be your key to increasing targeted engagement and drive more sales. It also helps your establish your brand within few months and also helps you build a relationship with your customers. It also helps you sell your idea and build more reputation by increasing likes or followers. You can also use Social Media to sell dedicated services or products by placing ads and generate leads.


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