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10 Secret Tips To Improve Your Instagram Business Profile

Instagram is an awesome platform for sharing photographs and till recently it was not really considered as a major channel for getting any kind of business leads. However, times have changed and lots of new things have been introduced into Instagram making it one of the beautiful platform to perform aggressive campaigns to generate business leads. So how can you use Instagram for your business? check it out

1. Audience -

With the audience of around 500 thousand, nearly 50% of the audience follow businesses on Instagram. And around 60% of the people discover new products on Instagram. This statistics has been officially confirmed by Instagram itself.

2. Balance the posts - 

Once you set up the Instagram business profile, the main focus should be to get followers and engage with them. Balance fun engaging posts with your product posts so that people don't think that you are only promoting your business. Make a structured plan and keep your monthly calendars ready. Always remember a cat picture will get thousands of likes and not a picture of a random ad. 

3. Hashtags - 

Use relevant hashtags on Instagram, very important. Use around 10 hashtags, no harm but make sure those hashtags are relevant to your brand of the post. Your own hashtags are good for Instagram, use popular hashtags than your own. This will help you reach the maximum audience.

4. Engage -

Many brands actually don't do this but it's very important. Follow your potential customers and like or comment on their images. Go to different profiles and comment something nice on the images, this will help you gain more and more audience. This is one of the best and a secretive way to get more audience to your page.

5. Promote - 

Instagram ads are also one the best ways to get the audience to your website. When you are promoting, make sure you do it both on Facebook and Instagram. This will give you broader visibility for less price. 

6. Employee Photograph -

If you are running a restaurant or a hotel then it would be awesome of you shares your Employees photographs like serving food or just holding food etc. Celebrating staffs will help customers trust your product more because of your personal and kind message.

7. Visual Experience - 

Never upload something really boring. Upload videos or photographs with bright photos which should also tell a story. Make creative stuff with awesome quotes will also work.

8. Customize - 

Make sure you give all the required business details on your Instagram pages. Any person who wants to know or wants to buy should never have a tough time finding your details. Make sure the details are out in open so that in one click they land up in your website.

9. Use tools -

Use different tools like Boomerang, Stories etc to engage your fans. Talk about your product using different tools available in Instagram.

10. Finally, use your Instagrammers - 

Talk to them, welcome them and tell them to tag you when they are uploading about your product. If not, tell them to do it. Love them, give them smile and finally they will respond with a positive thought.

All the best!

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