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Top 5 Best Killer Ideas And Ways To Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

A lot of newcomers spend most of their time thinking, executing huge campaigns with absolutely no results. Some even spend a lot of money getting engagement but they always forget a few social media basics. And those basics are the one which can take you ahead and beyond. Check out this 5 brilliant tips to improve your organic reach on Facebook.

Publish Engaging Content - Many people start by promoting your products and services which are not wrong but it's not right too. Understand that your fans have not liked you because of your products but because they expect some fresh and fun content. Make sure the content remains fresh always and related to your brand.

Quality Content & Not Quantity - It is said that in 2000+ stories, around only 200 is visible on the timeline. And you need to fight for that spot. So understand your preference and upload only one or max two posts per day and make it small. There are no rules but preferably two is more than enough. 

Organic Post Targeting - Did you know that Facebook has a filter called organic post targeting? If not then this is very important for you. Facebook has this option where you can select the set target group from your current audience. Facebook actually offers seven different types of options to set your target like gender, relationship status, education, age, location, language and interests. Selecting the right target group, you can reach the specific audience on your page.

Know the Peak Hours - The best time for anyone to post something would be around 3 PM and evening around 7 PM. But of course, analyse your audience activity timings and at least post 1 hour before the peak hours.

Video content and GIFs - Research has been proved that you get major engagement when you put up videos on social media. Surprisingly images got the lowest organic impressions, links, GIFs and text updates perform better and videos got the highest engagement. However, test your audience and then decide what kind of content works for your brand.  

So finally, improve the basics of your page and see the changes in your organic reach and engagement. 


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