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Case Study: The Digital Marketing Success Story Of Karnataka Premier League 2017

Karnataka Premier League, also called as Namma KPL is a cricket league similar to Indian Premier League played within Karnataka. This million dollar league was the first state-level T20 league started by none other than the Late Mysore Maharaja Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadeyar. The league has apparently grown from what it was when it started in the year 2009. Growing in different segments, Namma KPL lacked certain digital push. A massive league had very few followers online. Almost 5 seasons saw no increased engagement or fans online. The Social Media Marketing push was not only difficult but it was impossible because it was too late. People knew about KPL but they were not following us on Social Media.
We took up the Digital Marketing Challenge for KPL 2017 and here is what we did to take Karnataka Premier League to the next level.

Hashtag: #NammaKPL

#NammaKPL (My KPL) was the hashtag used to promote this league. The hashtag played a major role during the KPL Auctions. We trending above hashtag Friendship day with reach over 1.2 million. The tweets on sold and unsold players made a big noise on the twitter with fans asking questions and reacting over the price of each player. This is when #NammaKPL started gaining more interactions. Namma KPL hashtag because popular not only for the sports connect but emotion as well. People started calling KPL as Namma KPL with love and that made a difference in the social space. This was the first time a hashtag relating to Karnataka Premier League saw a major trend on social media.

Creatives Direction

This year, we brought in a new set of creatives that was not only beautiful but eye-catching. The colour combinations, the way it was designed spoke a lot to the mass crowd to interact with us socially. The creatives were analysed and done with at most precision to attract the fans and we succeeded.


Content is king and this time we brought in some creative content into the social media space. Promoting a league with creative content helped us drive the campaign easily as well as gain more interactions online.


The major thing in this league was the emotions of the Kannada Fans. The content was created keeping in mind the emotions with series of Kannada content and one-liners. The start of the campaign was started with a one-liner "ಚಂಡುಗಳ ಚದುರಂಗದಾಟ ಶುರುವಾಗಿದೆ" (The ball game of chess has begun). This kickstarted the KPL campaign with the overwhelming response from the Kannada Fans. The Kannada content helped us grow fans from the rural areas as well as Kannada fans from other states and countries.

Pre-Campaign Contests 

This time the focus was less on contests and more on league information, however, we certainly did a contest which helps us in attracting engagement. The contest was "The Kannada Commentary Challenge" which got major engagement with more than 12 contestants entered the contest. The Kannada Commentary Challenge gave a big boost to Kannada Commentary in cricket gave a boost to Star Sports 1 starting a Kannada Channel.

The League

The KPL social media engagement throughout the league was great. We gave our fans delights of the entire league with entertaining content as well as information. The Instagram stories made a big noise on social media as well as facebook live videos. The new features were also used on social media platforms as well as the latest technology like 360-degree video live camera. The main thing was using Twitter as a scoreboard, we were quicker than the official website as well as 3 seconds quicker than TV.

New Technology

First time in India, we used the 360-degree live camera and it helped us promote the league by giving a virtual experience to the fans. The local media Vijaya Karnataka also took this as one of there stories. This is the first time we have used this in Indian cricket and it was an achievement.


The best part of this years KPL was more use of Kannada. We delighted the fans with Kannada content including Brett Lee & Mr Cricket Michaell Hussey taking in Kannada. This was hands down best videos of all time.


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