Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Top 5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Business

Facebook Messenger bots are one of the newest features in the market and the trend is growing wide. Many of the business have started to realise the importance of bots and have been successfully upgrading their communications to give better user experience to their customers. This newest feature allows you not only to communicate but also to increase the numbers of consumers by responding to their questions, comments, and complaints instantly. 

In this article below, I will tell you 5 different ways how you can use Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Business.

1. Personalised Content
Many companies use Facebook Messenger Bots as an extension of their content marketing strategy. These bots nurture relationships with customers and provide them with immediate value without much work.

2. Answer Common Questions
One of the best ways you can use Facebook Messenger Bots is by answering common customer service questions. You just have to feed in the required information and all the questions will be answered. For example, costing, track order etc are great topics to feed in.

3. Connecting the customer service agent
“Did we answer all your question?” well, they say no, then the next option is what makes you different. You can use Facebook Messenger bots to connect your customers to the right person.

4. Product Purchases
Many brands have started selling their products online via Facebook Messenger Bots. Of course, bots cannot be an effective sales guy for your brand but it can surely help you boost sales and increase your profit by show customers the products they’re looking for. You can also customise it to schedule the delivery and provide billing information etc. 

5. Entertainment
I know what you are thinking, Facebook Messenger bots for entertainment? Yeah. Fun facts, games, trivia etc can help you engage with the audience. You can also customise it to “challenge a friend,” helping you to get more customers. Smart, right?

So how many of you think that Facebook Messenger Bots is the next generation for business communications? let us know below.
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