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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Case Study: The Digital Marketing Success Story Of Karnataka Premier League 2017

Karnataka Premier League, also called as Namma KPL is a cricket league similar to Indian Premier League played within Karnataka. This million dollar league was the first state-level T20 league started by none other than the Late Mysore Maharaja Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadeyar. The league has apparently grown from what it was when it started in the year 2009. Growing in different segments, Namma KPL lacked certain digital push. A massive league had very few followers online. Almost 5 seasons saw no increased engagement or fans online. The Social Media Marketing push was not only difficult but it was impossible because it was too late. People knew about KPL but they were not following us on Social Media.
We took up the Digital Marketing Challenge for KPL 2017 and here is what we did to take Karnataka Premier League to the next level.

Hashtag: #NammaKPL

#NammaKPL (My KPL) was the hashtag used to promote this league. The hashtag played a major role during the KPL Auctions. We trending above hashtag Friendship day with reach over 1.2 million. The tweets on sold and unsold players made a big noise on the twitter with fans asking questions and reacting over the price of each player. This is when #NammaKPL started gaining more interactions. Namma KPL hashtag because popular not only for the sports connect but emotion as well. People started calling KPL as Namma KPL with love and that made a difference in the social space. This was the first time a hashtag relating to Karnataka Premier League saw a major trend on social media.

Creatives Direction

This year, we brought in a new set of creatives that was not only beautiful but eye-catching. The colour combinations, the way it was designed spoke a lot to the mass crowd to interact with us socially. The creatives were analysed and done with at most precision to attract the fans and we succeeded.


Content is king and this time we brought in some creative content into the social media space. Promoting a league with creative content helped us drive the campaign easily as well as gain more interactions online.


The major thing in this league was the emotions of the Kannada Fans. The content was created keeping in mind the emotions with series of Kannada content and one-liners. The start of the campaign was started with a one-liner "ಚಂಡುಗಳ ಚದುರಂಗದಾಟ ಶುರುವಾಗಿದೆ" (The ball game of chess has begun). This kickstarted the KPL campaign with the overwhelming response from the Kannada Fans. The Kannada content helped us grow fans from the rural areas as well as Kannada fans from other states and countries.

Pre-Campaign Contests 

This time the focus was less on contests and more on league information, however, we certainly did a contest which helps us in attracting engagement. The contest was "The Kannada Commentary Challenge" which got major engagement with more than 12 contestants entered the contest. The Kannada Commentary Challenge gave a big boost to Kannada Commentary in cricket gave a boost to Star Sports 1 starting a Kannada Channel.

The League

The KPL social media engagement throughout the league was great. We gave our fans delights of the entire league with entertaining content as well as information. The Instagram stories made a big noise on social media as well as facebook live videos. The new features were also used on social media platforms as well as the latest technology like 360-degree video live camera. The main thing was using Twitter as a scoreboard, we were quicker than the official website as well as 3 seconds quicker than TV.

New Technology

First time in India, we used the 360-degree live camera and it helped us promote the league by giving a virtual experience to the fans. The local media Vijaya Karnataka also took this as one of there stories. This is the first time we have used this in Indian cricket and it was an achievement.


The best part of this years KPL was more use of Kannada. We delighted the fans with Kannada content including Brett Lee & Mr Cricket Michaell Hussey taking in Kannada. This was hands down best videos of all time.


Social Media Accounts
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With these stats, we are one of the top digital marketers right?

So contact us and trend yourself. Click below

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Top 5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Business

Facebook Messenger bots are one of the newest features in the market and the trend is growing wide. Many of the business have started to realise the importance of bots and have been successfully upgrading their communications to give better user experience to their customers. This newest feature allows you not only to communicate but also to increase the numbers of consumers by responding to their questions, comments, and complaints instantly. 

In this article below, I will tell you 5 different ways how you can use Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Business.

1. Personalised Content
Many companies use Facebook Messenger Bots as an extension of their content marketing strategy. These bots nurture relationships with customers and provide them with immediate value without much work.

2. Answer Common Questions
One of the best ways you can use Facebook Messenger Bots is by answering common customer service questions. You just have to feed in the required information and all the questions will be answered. For example, costing, track order etc are great topics to feed in.

3. Connecting the customer service agent
“Did we answer all your question?” well, they say no, then the next option is what makes you different. You can use Facebook Messenger bots to connect your customers to the right person.

4. Product Purchases
Many brands have started selling their products online via Facebook Messenger Bots. Of course, bots cannot be an effective sales guy for your brand but it can surely help you boost sales and increase your profit by show customers the products they’re looking for. You can also customise it to schedule the delivery and provide billing information etc. 

5. Entertainment
I know what you are thinking, Facebook Messenger bots for entertainment? Yeah. Fun facts, games, trivia etc can help you engage with the audience. You can also customise it to “challenge a friend,” helping you to get more customers. Smart, right?

So how many of you think that Facebook Messenger Bots is the next generation for business communications? let us know below.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important To Your Business

Social media is now a global trend with almost a billion monthly active users around the world. Brands are grabbing this opportunity to make it big on social media by creating viral content, engaging posts and videos to market their products in various ways. Brands have increased sales rapidly by creating awareness about their products and building a set of loyal customers. Brands which are B2B and B2G are also building the number of engaging audience on their social media pages. So the obvious question is, why some of the major brands are focusing more on building the audience on social media? If you are thinking about sales then you are wrong.

Social Media & Brands

Many brands like Scania, Air Bus etc have a huge number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, however, their sales don't come from Social Media. For example, Air Bus customers are mostly Airline agencies and government but they are focusing on Social Media as well. But why? The answer is simple. Gaining social media audience has become a reputational aspect in today's world. People start judging products or services by the number of likes on the page. Not only that, by an increase in engagement on social media, you can create a huge brand awareness and valuable content will help you get loyal fans. Social Media has also become a bridge between the customer and the company. Many companies are also showing their online reputation before they pitch into other companies. Like AirBus shows 1.6 million active users every time when they pitch to any airline agencies.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing or SMM is a term used for digital marketing mostly on social media networks in order to achieve marketing communication and branding goals. Social Media Marketing usually involves catchy content, photographs, videos etc as well as paid social media promotions.

Social Media Marketing for You

It may be a small business or big one, social media marketing will be your key to increasing targeted engagement and drive more sales. It also helps your establish your brand within few months and also helps you build a relationship with your customers. It also helps you sell your idea and build more reputation by increasing likes or followers. You can also use Social Media to sell dedicated services or products by placing ads and generate leads.

Wanna know more about Social Media Marketing?

You can know more about Social Media Marketing and to get yourself a social media expert 

Tips To Increasing Social Media Engagement

Many think that social media engagement is a difficult task and so it is. Measurably around a billion post go up on social media mainly on facebook and to stand out from that crowd you need an expert. You can definitely ask is social media engagement really matter. To be frank, engagement is the only way to make your brand visible to others organically. The fans who see your content will like, share or comment. Once done, it will automatically notify his/her friend about the engagement. This eventually leads to a chain reaction which helps you gain more organic views or likes. So how can you engage with your social media audience? Hope this below post might help

Top 5 Best Killer Ideas And Ways To Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

A lot of newcomers spend most of their time thinking, executing huge campaigns with absolutely no results. Some even spend a lot of money getting engagement but they always forget few social media basics. And those basics are the one which can take you ahead and beyond. Check out this 5 brilliant tips to improve your organic reach on Facebook.

10 Secret Tips To Improve Your Instagram Business Profile

Instagram is an awesome platform for sharing photographs and till recently it was not really considered as a major channel for getting any kind of business leads. However, times have changed and lots of new things have been introduced into Instagram making it one of the beautiful platform to perform aggressive campaigns to generate business leads. So how can you use Instagram for your business? check it out

1. Audience -

With the audience of around 500 thousand, nearly 50% of the audience follow businesses on Instagram. And around 60% of the people discover new products on Instagram. This statistics has been officially confirmed by Instagram itself.

2. Balance the posts - 

Once you set up the Instagram business profile, the main focus should be to get followers and engage with them. Balance fun engaging posts with your product posts so that people don't think that you are only promoting your business. Make a structured plan and keep your monthly calendars ready. Always remember a cat picture will get thousands of likes and not a picture of a random ad. 

3. Hashtags - 

Use relevant hashtags on Instagram, very important. Use around 10 hashtags, no harm but make sure those hashtags are relevant to your brand of the post. Your own hashtags are good for Instagram, use popular hashtags than your own. This will help you reach the maximum audience.

4. Engage -

Many brands actually don't do this but it's very important. Follow your potential customers and like or comment on their images. Go to different profiles and comment something nice on the images, this will help you gain more and more audience. This is one of the best and a secretive way to get more audience to your page.

5. Promote - 

Instagram ads are also one the best ways to get the audience to your website. When you are promoting, make sure you do it both on Facebook and Instagram. This will give you broader visibility for less price. 

6. Employee Photograph - 

If you are running a restaurant or a hotel then it would be awesome of you shares your Employees photographs like serving food or just holding food etc. Celebrating staffs will help customers trust your product more because of your personal and kind message.

7. Visual Experience - 

Never upload something really boring. Upload videos or photographs with bright photos which should also tell a story. Make creative stuff with awesome quotes will also work.

8. Customize - 

Make sure you give all the required business details on your Instagram pages. Any person who wants to know or wants to buy should never have a tough time finding your details. Make sure the details are out in open so that in one click they land up in your website

9. Use tools -

Use different tools like Boomerang, Stories etc to engage your fans. Talk about your product using different tools available in Instagram.

10. Finally, use your Instagrammers - 

Talk to them, welcome them and tell them to tag you when they are uploading about your product. If not, tell them to do it. Love them, give them smile and finally they will respond with a positive thought.

All the best!

You can know more about Social Media and to get yourself a social media expert 

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